Back to School: The Best Dorm Room Plants

It’s that time of year again, back to school! And now that post-secondary students will be returning to campus this year, we wanted to give you our top dorm safe plants that will help spruce up your room this school year!



If you’re looking for a fairly easy plant to care for, this might be the one for you. Aloe plants belong in the succulent family, do best in bright, indirect sunlight and do best in places where the temperature is between 13 and 27°C. As far as watering goes Aloe plants like when the soil feels moist after watering but should have time between watering to let the soil dry out.

Sansevieria (aka Snake Plant)

Sansevieria’s are literally one of our favourite plants because you really can’t kill them, making them perfect for dorm life! These hardy plants will grow in a variety of sun conditions, low light, direct sunlight; however, they ultimately do best in indirect sunlight. Given that they are native to desert conditions, Sansevieria’s also don’t need a lot of water.


Peace Lily

Peace lilies are a gorgeous dorm plant, and as an added bonus help with air purification. Peace lilies are awesome because they will also tell you what they want. They like to be kept in well-lit areas, but not spaces that are too bright. The best way to tell if they are getting enough sunlight is if their flowers aren’t blooming. If not, then they need a bit more light. For watering, consistency is key for them to thrive. They like the soil to be moist, but not over-saturated.

ZZ Plant

If you’re someone who forgets to water their plants, then this one is perfect because they only need to be watered every 2-3 weeks! ZZ plants also thrive in medium to bright, indirect sunlight.


Succulent plants are one of those plants that are just too easy to keep. All a succulent needs to live its best dorm life is a bright. For watering, the main thing is to have drainage for your succulent. Let all of the water drain through your containers drainage hole prior to putting the succulent back in its home.

Workshops are back! Succulent Garden Workshop

Workshops are back! And to kick things off, we are starting with one of your favorites, succulents!

Join us on Wednesday, September 15th in the Code’s Mill atrium. Create with one of our designers, your own succulent garden in a beautiful glass bowl. Choose from accent pieces, to customize your design and learn some helpful tips on how to then care for your gorgeous garden.

To help with social distancing we have two time slots to choose from, 5:15pm or 6:30pm.

To sign up, give us a call at 613-267-7065 or book on line.

This class is $65.00 per person.
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