Welcome to Kelly’s Flowers located at 63 Gore Street East!

Welcome to 63 Gore Street

Map of Gore Street locationWe’ve been anxiously anticipating this move for what feels like forever, and we’re now excited to welcome you into our new location. Krista has been working hard (understatement of the century) for the last few months to make all of it happen and while we have been sharing updates on the move, we haven’t actually shared the process.

So, buckle in, because here is very much what we call “the point form notes” of everything that had to happen to make this possible. Moving anywhere can be a challenge.

Moving an established business to a brand-new location is a momentous undertaking.

Back in December, Krista purchased the Historic Thomas Wright Building, which was the former (and now again), home of Kelly’s Flowers. From that moment on, Krista hit the ground running.

March marked the beginning of construction at the new location, getting it ready for open. This is the time where we should mention that the equipment required for a florist can’t exactly be ordered regularly; customization and creativity was required.

During the construction phase, Krista worked with a team to design a custom cooler for all our flowers! For those familiar with the movie Step Brothers, “There’s so much room for activities!

Designing the cooler was an undertaking, but the construction and design did not stop there. Upon entering the 63 Gore Street E. location, you’ll notice the immense attention to detail in the new flower counters, floors, lighting, archway (which was not there before and is a whole other story of its own), and every corner of the store.

Once construction was completed and Krista received the green light for occupancy, the move began. Here at Kelly’s, the team is pretty used to changing over an entire store in the span of 12 hours to prepare for the holidays. So we’re almost sure we set a record for fastest business move because our moving deadline was 1 week; just in time for Festival of the Maples!

April 27, 2024 marked the first day of Kelly’s being open at our new location and for those who haven’t seen it yet, we can’t wait to welcome you into our new home. We hope to see you all soon!

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