How to Store your Bulbs for the Winter Months

To guarantee that your bulbs make it through the winter, its important to make sure they’re stored correctly. We’ve consulted our expert designers, and compiled a list of tips and tricks to make sure that your bulbs make it to the spring.

  1. To prepare for storage, it’s important to let the bulbs and surrounding soil dry, in a sheltered, frost-free place until the soil comes off the roots and leaves them clean. Making sure that the bulb has dried thoroughly before storing is key.
  2. It is important to make sure that your bulbs are stored somewhere safe, and away from frost or any pesky rodents.
  3. When storing, put a layer of sand, peat moss or even newspaper, on the bottom of the container you are using. Then you can add a layer of your bulbs, however, make sure not to let them touch each other. You can then add a second layer or dry material and continue this process until your container is full or all your bulbs have been stored.
Once you’ve completed this process, make sure to store your container in a safe and memorable place for you to access come the spring.
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