How to take care of your Fall Mums

Fall Mums are a pretty iconic plant during the autumn months. Our Florists have some tricks in their arsenal in order to make sure that your mums look stunning all season long.

  1. Make sure that your fall mums are getting at least 6 hours of sunlight a day.
  2. Don’t let your mums dry out. This trick is for both indoor and outdoor mums.
  3. Try your best to make sure that you don’t overwater your mums. Soggy soil can prevent them from flowering and cause root rot. What to watch for, is yellowing leaves that turn black and fall off.
  4. It is possible to have annual mums if they are planted in the spring or summer and have ample time to establish a good root system. They can stay in the ground during winter (especially with a layer of mulch for colder areas) if they are cut down to only a few inches above the soil. Potted mums should be brought inside and watered to just slightly moist during winter dormancy.
  5. Your final tip is that you should be sure to deadhead old blooms frequently. This help encourages new growth.

We hope you enjoy your amazing fall mums this season!

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