Ordering Flowers from Kelly’s this Christmas?

Are you planning to order an arrangement or bouquet from us this Christmas? We have a few ways that you can order from us, that will make the process quick and the results stunning.
Online ordering is a great way to order flowers from us in a pinch and be able to have a visual of the order you are sending. Our Shop Flowers section of the website is the perfect place to take a look at all of the arrangements we have to offer.
If you are looking for something a little more custom, our second ordering method is giving us a call at the store. Speak with one of our designers to help you create a fabulous arrangement that will be unique and one of a kind.
This Christmas, we do want to let you know that due to Covid, we may not always receive the exact flowers needed to create each arrangement. In situations like this substitutions may be required. We will maintain a similar theme and colour scheme when substituting flowers to ensure that your arrangement arrives at its destination and be beautiful.
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