Staff Picks: Our Favourite Gifts in 2020

Still looking for that perfect gift for the person who has everything? We got you covered!

Our staff have come up with a shortlist of some of our favourite gifts to give this holiday season.

1. Alkemista Alcohol Infusers

This first gift is for our 19+ customers who love to mix their own cocktails and experiment with flavours. The Alkemista Infuser is an awesome carafe that allows you to blend your favourite spirits with your favourite flavours. You can use their selection of pre-mix blends, or try your hand at creating a concoction all your own.

The Alkemista comes in copper and silver, and are $89.99 + tax, each.

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2. Kelly’s Candle

Finding the perfect candle can be tough, we know. But we think we might have found the perfect ones. Our Kelly’s Candles are a collection of carefully curated scents, and created especially to fit some of Perth’s amazing landmarks. The available scents are the light and airy Perth Breeze, the crisp and fresh Tayside Vibes, a classic, sweet Heritage Classic and the scent that takes you right back to memories of Maple Fest, Sweet and Sticky. This Christmas, we have also released a special addition scent, Heritage Holidays.

Kelly’s Candles are 100% soy candles and are $14.99 + tax, each

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3. Reusable Cutlery & Bags

Curbing our carbon footprints is something that can be a bit of a struggle, especially when single-use plastics can be so convenient. However, we have found an amazing and stylish way to assist in this. Our selection of reusable cutlery, bags and straws are perfect stocking stuffers and also an awesome way to try and reduce waste.

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4. Glee Jewelry

Glee Jewelry is a long-time favourite of ours, and the perfect gift this Christmas season. Glee is a Vancouver based company that strives to make beautiful pieces that compliment everyone’s style. Their range of Gold, Silver and Rose Gold jewelry make stunning accessories and the perfect gift for the holidays.

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5. Pokoloko

Pokoloko is one of our longtime, favourite brands we carry at Kelly’s and the amount of versatile products is unbelievable. Whether you are looking for a comfortable scarf, some cozy socks, a stylish shall or a beautiful and fast drying towel, Pokoloko has something for everyone.

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6. Walton Wood Farms

Walton Wood Farms is an amazing company just outside of Peterborough Ontario that we’ve been obsessed with for a long time. No matter what product you use from this spectacular company, you can’t go wrong. In a variety of scents (with pretty amazing and accurate names), their Hand Rescue will keep your hands soft and smooth, their Lip Balms will keep your lips soft and not dry and their Body Scrubs will help keep your skin smooth.

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7. Dot & Lil

Dot & Lil is an amazing Montreal based company that will make a soak after a long day feel luxurious. Taking their inspiration from floral notes, Dot & Lil offer a variety of bath milks, soaps, bath salts and moisturizing oils to have the perfect at-home spa experience.

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