Rustic Cottage – Kathryn and Cody

Setting: Family Cottage and Ecotay, Tay Valley; September 17, 2022
Description: Rustic Cottage

By the time September rolls around in Eastern Ontario, we’ve beat the heat from the hot summer days and have a few weeks of beautiful, warm temperatures before the coolness of fall sets in. It’s on one of those stunning, sunny, middle-of-September days that Kathryn and Cody said their “I do’s” at their gorgeous wedding ceremony in Tay Valley.

Kathryn and Cody met in 2012 and were introduced by one of their mutual friends. From there, they formed a friendship that would last a few years before they began dating on a gorgeous mid – September day. 5 years after, on the anniversary of when they began dating, September 17th, Kathryn and Cody were married at Kathryn’s family cottage in Tay Valley and a reception that followed at EcoTay.

When deciding on the flowers for their ceremony, Kathryn and Cody worked in collaboration with Krista to design a wedding that would suit the laid-back feeling that they were keeping in mind for their wedding. The flowers that were selected include; blush anemones, sweet Natalie dahlias, burgundy astilbe, white roses, hanging amaranthus, cineraria, eucalyptus, and fern. “When we talked to Krista we pulled up Pinterest then. We did send her some flowers but we weren’t too particular in terms of what we wanted. We did want eucalyptus and anemones; we loved those and thought they were beautiful so we made sure Krista knew that, and just let her go from there.”

The final piece of the floral puzzle for their wedding would be Kathryn and Cody’s Skip, which was adorned with all of the gorgeous flowers included in the bouquet and centrepieces for the wedding. “When we had met with Krista, we didn’t have any sort of wooden skip. Our families have canoes, but nothing specifically like that. I was looking online and there was someone who listed one in Brockville. So we drove down, checked it out, strapped it into our truck, and brought it home. It wasn’t just a one-off piece, but something that we will enjoy forever.”

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