New Online: Pokoloko Clothing & Accessories

Pokoloko clothing

In the month of June, we began to unveil Pokoloko’s amazing selection of summer-wear on our website and we’re continuing with even more throughout July. Pokoloko’s wide selection of dresses, kimonos, purses, and accessories makes them a go-to this summer.

To see our wide range of Pokoloko clothing and accessories, you can visit our website at Shop online or visit us in-store!

Pokoloko clothing

July Plant of the Month: Goldfish Plant

For our July plant of the month, we want to feature a personal favourite here at Kelly’s, the Goldfish plant.

These beautiful plants get their name from the vibrant orange blooms that resemble little goldfish swimming through the deep green leaves. Goldfish plants enjoy being in warmer conditions (15-15 degrees Celsius) and bright, morning sunlight. For watering these plants enjoy having moist but not soggy soil.

Goldfish plants will be available at Kelly’s throughout the month of July. If you’re interested in one or have any questions

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