2021 Virtual Maple Fest

We were excited to hear that the annual Festival of the Maples has returned this year, with a twist! In order to make it Covid-safe, the festival is going virtual in 2021.

The Artisan Market will be going online this year, where you can shop a variety of your favourite vendors. Virtual entertainment will also be provided on the Festival of the Maples website and social media pages for the event. To participate in the festivities this year, sign up at Festival of the Maples.

Education Corner: How to care for your Valentines Day Roses

No matter the time of year, taking care of your fresh flowers properly is important to make sure they last. This Valentine’s Day, our designers wanted to give you all their favourite tips to make sure that your Valentine’s Day roses are beautiful for as long as possible.

Tip 1: Remove the Water Picks. When receiving roses in a bouquet, we make sure to individually water pick each of the stems so that they stay hydrated on the way home. Once they have arrived at their destination, make sure to carefully remove the water picks before putting them into a vase with water and the provided preservative.

Tip 2: Temperature is key. In transportation especially, making sure your flowers don’t get too cold is important to ensuring they arrive at their destination safely. To do this, avoid leaving them in a cold space. That way they don’t freeze.

Tip 3: Give your stems a trim. Once your roses have arrived at their destination, its important to get them into water. However, before you do that make sure to give the stems a bit of a trim. This will allow the nutrients in the water to flow through the stems correctly and feed the flower properly. When giving them their trim, carefully use a sharp knife and cut an inch from the bottom of the stem, preferably while holding it under water.

Tip 4: Keep them hydrated. Its important to remember to check on the amount of water you have in your vase to ensure that your flowers don’t dry out. Its ideal to water your flowers daily to keep them thriving and lasting the longest.

A Brief History about Valentine’s Day

The celebration of Valentines Day on February 14th is one of the most widely observed, unofficial holidays. However, where did the celebration of Valentine’s Day come from?

There are several theories that attempt to explain the origins of Valentine’s Day.

Some trace the origin of the holiday to Lupercalia, as an ancient Roman festival and feast connected with fertility rites which would be held on February 15th.

Another theory relates to an old English legend that says that birds choose their mates on February 14th.

Others, connect the event with one or more of the Saints in the early Christian Church; one of which is Saint Valentine. According to legend, he was imprisoned because he refused to worship the Gods of the Romans. He had made friends with many children in the area, who missed their friend and expressed their love by tossing notes through the bars of his cell window.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Krista, Sharon, Jessica, Candice, Megan & Nathalie

Flowers, Flowers, and more Flowers

We love having fresh flowers in just as much as you do! Which is why Monday, Wednesday and Friday are our favourite days of the week! Our flower deliveries have continued to arrive these days each week. While we try to get in everything we can, Covid has created some challenges for us.

On top of the challenges of importing during Covid, there is also a local shortage as a result of the lack of sun during the month of February. When ordering flowers from us, as always we will make a stunning arrangement for you. However we do ask that you please keep in mind that we may not be able to get specific flowers in stock. In regards to roses for Valentines day, we were fortunate to place our order for these in December and will be receiving a wide selection of beautiful roses for the occasion.

If you have any questions as to specific flowers you may need, as always you can give us a call at the store at 613-267-7065

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