Plant of the Month: Shamrocks

We’re feeling lucky this month and we hope you are too! That’s why for the March, Plant of the Month, we decided on the beautiful Shamrock. The three leaves of the Shamrock plant are said to represent faith, love, and hope. The fourth leaf is to bring luck!

We’ll have Shamrock plants available at the store for the month of March!

To order yours, give us a call
at 613-267-7065.

Education Corner: Taking Care of your Shamrock

This month in Education Corner, our designers wanted to give you a few of our favourite tips on how to care for our feature Plant of the Month, the Shamrock.

Tip 1: Lighting is Key. When caring for your Shamrock plant, it’s important to keep it in a bright (but indirect) lighted area. Additionally, if you plan to keep in near a window Shamrocks, light most plants, tend to thrive in east-facing windows.

Tip 2: Keeping your Shamrock hydrated. When watering your Shamrock, it’s best to water it from the bottom. To do this, remember to keep the plant in the plastic growing pot that it comes in and sit the pot in roughly an inch of water for a few minutes to let the shamrock absorb the water. Also, avoid over-watering your Shamrock remember to allow the top 2” of the soil to dry out completely before watering it again.

Tip 3: Temperature. You don’t need to turn up the heat for this plant. Shamrocks live their best lives when the temperature is about 60 to 70 degrees during the day and 55 to 65 degrees during the night.

Welcome to the Team!

This month, we are excited to introduce to you a new member of the Kelly’s Flowers team, Lisa!

Lisa is born and raised in Lanark, where she still currently lives with her family. Lisa attended the Floral Design Program at Algonquin College the year after Krista, and they’ve known each other their entire lives. In her off time, she can be found hunting, fishing or cozying up with a good book.

Lisa joined us right before one of our busiest days of the year, Valentine’s Day. And Krista is ecstatic to bring another redhead to the team! That makes 3 plus 1 honorary (Megan dyes her hair red almost yearly to join the squad). We’re thrilled to welcome Lisa to the Kelly’s Team and can’t wait for you to all meet her.

Welcome Back!

With lockdown restrictions lifted, we are happy to welcome you all back into the store!

While we will still be offering our curb-side services for those who wish to use them, our hours will also be adjusted to allow for in-person shopping as well.

If you’re still not quite comfortable with in-person shopping, we will be continuing to offer curb-side pick-up services, delivery, and online gift store shopping.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 613-267-7065 or email us at

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