Loving Your Anthurium and Jasmine Plants

Known for its heart-shaped blooms, Anthurium is a hearty and beautiful plant that will thrive for years to come if cared for properly. These magnificent plants must be watered weekly, although they should be allowed to dry in between waterings. Yellowing leaves are telltale signs of over-watering. They thrive in high light but not direct sunlight. They need excellent drainage to avoid root rot and be sure to deadhead frequently to allow new blooms to grow and flourish. If the stems appear weak as they grow, feel free to use a stake to keep them upright and grow to their full potential.


Another plant we absolutely love this time of year is Jasmine, as it is one of the best plants to keep in your home for it’s herbal and healing properties. It is proven to reduce stress and tension and lessen the effects of depression. It has notably been used in historic medical treatments for liver disease and keeps the air clean and free of toxins.

These fragrant plants may require a bit of effort, but the results are well worth the work. Dwarf varieties of jasmine make excellent houseplants. They require even moisture and a sunny location in the home. Vines can also be brought into the home and the height is easy to manage with pruning or pinching in the dormant season. Potted plants do not have access to extra nutrients, so they need fertilizing twice annually. Your jasmine plant will flower in late spring into summer and provide the most intoxicating fragrance.

We carry both of these unique and amazing plants in a variety of sizes, call or stop by to find yours!

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