Ripping Up The Carpet Sale

We don’t have sales very often, so you should take advantage of this one. We are ripping up the carpet and replacing it with beautiful poured floors instead. We literally have to pack the entire store so help us get rid of stuff so we don’t have to pack it up. There are great deals on Christmas, Purses, Jewellery, Art and Home Decor. Up to 50% off from February 1st to the 23rd.

How to care for Roses

Care of cut roses and how to keep roses fresh longer is easy if you borrow a few basic tricks from the experts, the professional florists, (that would be us).
Step 1: Recut the stems. Use a sharp set of pruners and cut at a 45-degree angle, so there will be a maximum surface area for the stems to drink water through.
STEP 2: To improve the vase life of cut roses and to keep the roses fresh longer, immerse their stems in warm water immediately after cutting.
STEP 3: Add a packet of flower preservative.
STEP 4: Keep your roses out of direct sunlight and away from drafts to prevent drying out and wilting.
It is that simple, folks.
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