The Irish Fairy Door

fairy_housesInvite a fairy into your home! Kelly’s is excited to announce we will be Perth’s exclusive retailer of the Irish fairy door. Fairy Door Company was started by two moms in Ireland. In the first 18 months of business it climbed to one Ireland’s top three toys.
How does it work?
  • choose a door and a place where you would like to put it
  • read your fairy lease and get everyone in the family to sign
  • most importantly, leave the tiny bottled key outside your fairy door, in the morning if the key is gone the fairy has moved in
  • Every week a story arrives from Queen Kate by email
With your door, families have access to exclusive stories, play ideas, and activities directly from Fairy Valley. Each kit includes a door, magic key, welcome guide, fairy note pad, and lease agreement.
The Irish Fairy Doors will be arriving mid-February and watch for the big North American Launch st. Patties day
Do you believe?

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