Order your Mother’s Day Flowers Early!

Mother's Day Basket

Looking to get Mother’s Day flowers? This year, we recommend ordering early!

Mother’s Day is definitely one of the busiest days of the year for us here at Kelly’s! Ordering in advance has always been a sure way to make sure that you get the flowers that you’re looking for on Mother’s Day. But this year especially, we highly recommend getting your order in as early as possible.

This year there are a few reasons that we caution you not to wait when ordering your Mother’s Day flowers. The first reason being an unfortunate disruptions in the supply chain. At the moment there are no flights leaving Australia from flower suppliers there, which in turn makes the demand on other flower suppliers greater. We are also facing a trucking shortage, which then makes land transportation of flowers much harder to navigate. In addition to this, the overall gas and shipping prices rise has also had an effect on the flower supply chain. 

The second reason that we recommend ordering flowers early this year would be due to the actual shortage in flowers themselves. Throughout the pandemic greenhouses has to make safety adjustments to their operations in order to continue growing flowers. This included having less people inside the greenhouses, which resulted in less flowers actually being grown.

As we have done so throughout the pandemic, we are doing are best to adjust and provide as many gorgeous options to you as possible. However, in order to make sure that you have options and an outstanding selection of flowers we definitely recommend that you order early. If we are unable to get exact flowers shown in any of our arrangements this Mother’s Day, we will substitute those flowers with others that will keep the same design, colour and feel of the arrangement you selected.

As we continue to navigate the shortages, delays and rise in costs that have come with Covid and the last two years, we thank you for your continued support and appreciate your understanding.

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