Bohemian Dried Floral Workshop

We’re starting 2023 off with all the good vibes and creating stunning Bohemian-styled dried arrangements!
Join our award-winning designers on Wednesday, March 8th at 6 pm to create this stunning arrangement.
It is $75, plus tax to participate in this workshop.
To register for the workshop, visit our website at or give us a call at the shop at 613-267-7065!

Kelly and Lucas


2022 spoiled Eastern Ontario with an abundance of gorgeous summer days. Kelly and Lucas chose the 30th of July to say their “I dos”, in a gorgeous ceremony at Kelly’s parents’ home in Perth, ON.

Kelly and Lucas, both from Perth, actually met while they attended the University of Guelph.
“We both knew who each other was, and had mutual friends, but we didn’t meet until we were at University.” They would become and remain friends during University and met up for a drink in Perth the year after they finished University. Kelly and Lucas began dating shortly after, in 2011.

When deciding on the flowers for their wedding, Kelly and Lucas worked with their wedding planner and Krista to set the airy and fun, but elevated tone that they envisioned for their wedding. “Though it was a backyard wedding, we wanted it to feel like a wedding and not just a backyard party.” For Kelly, the florals chosen would be key to executing this vision. The flowers that were selected include white larkspur, barista roses, white dahlia, pink carnations, white Majolica spray roses, white wax flowers, Vandella, salal, and ruscus.

One of the many personal touches that Kelly and Lucas included in their planning was making sure that their dog Kobe was a part of the wedding. “One of the personal touches in our wedding was our dog. Something I loved was the crown of greenery around his neck.” Kobe walked down the aisle and was a part of the ceremony, wearing a crown of seeded eucalyptus.

The final touch for the wedding flowers was the design of the archway, which Kelly and Lucas said their “I do’s” under. “I wanted an arch but wanted something unique. So I went on Pinterest to look at ideas and came across that shape. It was my brother who actually built and stained that for me. It was another really nice personal touch.” When discussing the flowers that would be included on the pieces, Kelly and Krista both agreed that the arrangement of the flowers on it would need to make a statement. Krista designed the arch pieces to make sure that they stood out against the trees and lush greens that lined the

Rustic Cottage – Kathryn and Cody

Setting: Family Cottage and Ecotay, Tay Valley; September 17, 2022
Description: Rustic Cottage

By the time September rolls around in Eastern Ontario, we’ve beat the heat from the hot summer days and have a few weeks of beautiful, warm temperatures before the coolness of fall sets in. It’s on one of those stunning, sunny, middle-of-September days that Kathryn and Cody said their “I do’s” at their gorgeous wedding ceremony in Tay Valley.

Kathryn and Cody met in 2012 and were introduced by one of their mutual friends. From there, they formed a friendship that would last a few years before they began dating on a gorgeous mid – September day. 5 years after, on the anniversary of when they began dating, September 17th, Kathryn and Cody were married at Kathryn’s family cottage in Tay Valley and a reception that followed at EcoTay.

When deciding on the flowers for their ceremony, Kathryn and Cody worked in collaboration with Krista to design a wedding that would suit the laid-back feeling that they were keeping in mind for their wedding. The flowers that were selected include; blush anemones, sweet Natalie dahlias, burgundy astilbe, white roses, hanging amaranthus, cineraria, eucalyptus, and fern. “When we talked to Krista we pulled up Pinterest then. We did send her some flowers but we weren’t too particular in terms of what we wanted. We did want eucalyptus and anemones; we loved those and thought they were beautiful so we made sure Krista knew that, and just let her go from there.”

The final piece of the floral puzzle for their wedding would be Kathryn and Cody’s Skip, which was adorned with all of the gorgeous flowers included in the bouquet and centrepieces for the wedding. “When we had met with Krista, we didn’t have any sort of wooden skip. Our families have canoes, but nothing specifically like that. I was looking online and there was someone who listed one in Brockville. So we drove down, checked it out, strapped it into our truck, and brought it home. It wasn’t just a one-off piece, but something that we will enjoy forever.”

Caring for Your Roses

This time of year we love getting all kinds of gorgeous roses in the cooler. Which means that when you take them home we want to make sure you enjoy them for as long as possible. That is why our designers have compiled a list of their favourite tricks to keep your roses thriving and gorgeous.

Tip 1: Remove the water picks. When receiving roses in a bouquet, we make sure to individually water pick each of the stems so that they stay hydrated on the way home. Once they have arrived at their destination, make sure to carefully remove the water picks before putting them into a vase with water and the provided preservative.

Tip 2: Temperature is key. In transportation especially, making sure your flowers don’t get too cold is important to ensuring they arrive at their destination safely. To do this, avoid leaving them in a cold space. That way they don’t freeze.

Tip 3: Give your stems a trim. Once your roses have arrived at their destination, it’s important to get them into water. However, before you do that make sure to give the stems a bit of a trim. This will allow the nutrients in the water to flow through the stems correctly and feed the flower properly. When giving them their trim, carefully use a sharp knife and cut an inch from the bottom of the stem, preferably while holding it under water.

Tip 4: Keep them hydrated. Its important to remember to check on the amount of water you have in your vase to ensure that your flowers don’t dry out. Its ideal to water your flowers daily to keep them thriving and lasting the longest.

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