Cut Flower & Arrangement Care

cutflowersCut flower Care:

Step one: Remove packaging. Please recycle.
Step two: Fill a vase with warm water and dissolve flower food. Read instructions on the package for correct measurements.
Step three: Cut each stem on an angle and promptly drop into the vase.
Step four: Replenish vase with clean water every 2- 3 days. Always re-cut stems before they go back into your vase. This will increase the vase life.
Step five: ENJOY

arrangementArrangement Care:

Step One: remove arrangement from packaging. Please recycle.
Step two: Top up water level, some may have spilled while being delivered to you.
Step Three: Place in a cool area away from direct sunlight and drafts
Step four: Change water and re-cut each stem every 2-3 days for maximum vase life.
Step five: Enjoy.

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