Kelly’s is Moving

Have you heard? The secret is out!!

We are moving!!

But don’t worry. We aren’t going far. In fact, we are heading back to 63 Gore Street, our old stomping grounds.

We have been working on this move since 2020, and we couldn’t be happier to share the news with all of you. Kelly’s Flowers has quite the history. The business was founded by Terry & Delta O’Hara at61 Gore Street, in the old Sheriff’s House. The business was then sold to Peggy & Brian Paul.

The Pauls sold Kelly’s to Cathy McCabe in 2002. Then in 2007, Kelly’s moved from 61 Gore Street to 63 Gore Street in the Thomas Wright building. In 2011, Cathy sold the business to Pascale Mapleston. Pascal decided to move Kelly’s to the Code’s Mill building in 2014. That same year, Krista bought Kelly’s Flowers from Pascal. Kelly’s has been in the Code’s Mill building ever since, that is, until this year. Krista & Mike got the opportunity to purchase the Thomas Wright building from Cathy Hay, in 2024. Which will now be the new home of Kelly’s Flowers (again 😉 )We have been asked a few questions about the move, such as, Why? & When? So let’s clear the air a little.WHY are we moving?

Well, thanks to all of our loyal customers, old and new, we have outgrown our space. Krista always dreamed of having a storefront back on Gore, the heart and soul of Perth.

And that brings us to WHEN? We are currently in the process of doing some renovations to accommodate our current needs. This means, a totally new layout, more design space, a bigger cooler, and of course, fresh paint, etc… With that in mind, we are keeping our fingers crossed and aiming to move by Summer 2024.

It’s all a process that takes time. We are sure there are other questions you’d like answered. We promise to answer all your questions and keep you informed along the way. We also have been digging into the history of63 Gore so, join our newsletter to stay up to date, and be sure to follow us on our socials.

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